Business Plan, Content and engagement have been presented to ZS Tech by MARSEC. As another scenario where the phrase, “if you build it, they will come” was thought to apply. Basically, if you created something great, people will just discover it due to its greatness. But we know that’s not true today, nor was it ever.

To achieve ZS tech goal of reaching a highly-specific target audience, we decided to combine Network’s Sponsored Updates and Audience Discovery Targeting with our own proprietary social attribution tools.

This approach helped us reach the business-minded professionals we needed to, but also track sharing and conversions that went beyond any initial interactions with the original content.

“As a Certified Service provider, ZS tech have seen up close how MARSEC, register ZS tech with SECP, FBR & Duns. MARSEC Provide the all services required by APPLE for to become a certified services provider in Pakistan. Complete research business plan, all financial ratios & five-year plan & outstanding strategies. So, when we decided to run ZS Tech campaign focused on generating high quality leads, adding the power of Network’s Sponsored Updates to our own real-time tracking technology was a step forward for us.”


ZS Tech: Reach out MARSEC Dev through Mr. Adil Raza founder of MARSEC Developers. Mr. Adil motivate to Mr. Zia Shah (Owner of ZS tech), & Adil do his best to possible that ZS tech now Apple Certified Services Provider in Pakistan. Satisfied Mr. Zia & his team: By providing the complete solution, strategies, all financial ratios i.e Budgeting cost, ROI, and 5 Year plan.

MARKETING STRATGIES: MARSEC Provide the all details & strategies to achieve ROI in Time, How generate the leads through social media marketing & full fi the Apple requirements.


To transform quality content into quality plans & strategies, to brands need access to a premium, relevant solutions to which content can be tested.Attribution is also crucial, giving marketers the ability to measure the ‘virality’ of their ads, and how it translates to the conversions they receive.MARSEC DEV. has combined these elements to help Fortune 127 companies see marketing and business success.